Education products and services for K12 students.
Since its foundation in 2012, Rainbow Snail has been pioneering China’s liberal arts education. The company is devoted to nurturing preschoolers’ learning potential as well as equipping teenagers with a variety of comprehensive and adaptable skills.
Its team has independently developed the “Prep-to-Review Immersive Teaching and Learning Pedagogy” (ICLP), which is patented and certified by IFMA, the International Facility Management Association. For the past five years, the team has designed over 10 curricula, with over 1,000 intellectual property rights. Along with its core curricula, the company also teams up with more than ten prestigious education providers from home and abroad, introducing 15 liberal arts-related courses including arts, dance, painting, science, martial arts, and soccer.




Rainbow Snail has extended its reach to 40 communities in Beijing. From May 2014 to April 2015, it has scored USD 1.7 million in sales and attracted some 3,000 new members, enjoying a growth over 300%. In 2016, Rainbow Snail won the first prize at the 2nd “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, co-hosted by the Ministry of Education and the National Development and Reform Commission of the PRC. The same year, it joined ToJoy’s franchise incubation program. As of September 2018, the company, valued at USD 72.6 million, has entered into joint-venture partnerships with 138 entrepreneurs, raising USD 4.9 million. It will continue providing premium education to students from 273 cities in China.

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