Produces and delivers a variety of fresh beef products to consumers through its network of community stores in 36 Chinese cities.
Founded in January 1997, after two decades of efforts, Shanxi Mubiao Cattle Co., Ltd. has grown into a Muslim beef products provider.
Before it joined ToJoy’s platform on March 2018, the company ran 13 stores nationwide. Within half a year, it has signed agreements with 130 joint-venture investors and scored $2.61 million USD worth of funding. On July 9, 2018, the company was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotation (NEEQ), making it the first company in modern cattle raising industry to enter the capital market. As of March 2019, its market value was estimated at $176 million USD.





16 → 35


$49.1 → $176

It controls a complete supply chain, from cattle selective breeding, foraging planting, standard cattle raising, butchering, meat processing, marketing, and retailing. The company adopts a business model that connects it with family farms, local co-op extensions, and point-of-sale distribution channels. It matches cattle and other products with regions to leverage local resources, employs an industrialized way of operation, and expands its business vertically. With a focus on the beef cattle industry, it has set up a system integrating the manufacturing, processing, and retail of meat products.
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