Furniture franchise specializing in customized furnishing services for newly-weds in China.
Founded in 1997, Kingbolly is one of the top brands in China providing whole-house custom-made furnishing services to newly-weds.
The renowned company controls a complete supply chain from product development, manufacture, marketing, design, to after-sale services. Its self-developed brand “Kingbolly” features integrated cabinets, followed by a line of products including integrated wardrobe, crude wooden door, and other kinds of furniture.




Over the past two decades, the company has become a leading figure specializing in whole-house tailored furnishing in East and South China and enjoys high recognition nationwide. Kingbolly was named “Top 10 Cabinet Brand in China” and “Fujian Famous Brand;” the company has been chosen the Deputy-director Unit at the Cabinet Industry Committee under the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Supervisory Unit at the Fujian Cabinet Industry’s Chamber of Commerce, and the Executive-director Unit at the Xiamen Cabinet Industry’s Chamber of Commerce, among many other honors and awards.
Currently, the company operates a franchise network of over 200 chain stores in China and is expanding its market at the pace of opening 60 to 80 new franchise stores every year. Among them, the company-run experience store in Xiamen has shown steady performance for 12 years, in 2016 generating USD 1.83 million in revenue. The sales of its 92 stores in 2016 averaged around USD 723,000, with its biggest order amounting to USD 2.49 million. Through its partnership with ToJoy, the company has teamed up with 21 joint-venture investors, raising USD 1.8 million. Valued at USD 290 million, it is growing into the leading mid- and high-end brand in the furnishing industry in China and has the ambition to become an international maker and supplier of home space products and provider of related services.

92 → 200



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