An online marketplace for health-conscious consumers offering eco-friendly, traceable agricultural products and unique local specialties.
FKGou (short for “Feng Kuang Gou,” or “Grocery Hive”) is an e-commerce platform devoted to healthy and traceable agricultural products and local specialty foods.
The company observes a set of robust standards for food quality and has acquired several farms. Its farm-to-door and overseas deliveries are made possible by its IT engineering team, algorithm-powered warehouses, an efficient courier network, and a chain of retail stores and pick-up stations.




The FKGou platform currently has over 5,000 kinds of specialty foods, over 800 partners and vendors, and some 5 million subscribers. In 2016, its sales volume reached $43.3 million USD, climbing to $75.1 million USD in 2017. It is planning the construction of its Global Exhibition Center, primarily supplying products with geographical identifications (GI) and certified green products from 180 countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.



$43 → $75

As of September 2018, through its partnership with ToJoy, FKGou has signed on with 241 joint-operating partners to extend its reach to over 200 Chinese cities. It received $8.9 million USD and saw its valuation rise to $72.3 million USD. In January 2018, FKGou completed a Series A funding participated by U.S. VC firms. The company expects its sales volume in 2018 to be a record-breaking $433.3 million USD.
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