A Culture of


“Our mission is to help companies become the Unicorns of their industries and at the same time bring happiness to our businesses, investors, and operating partners.”
– Mr. Junqing Lu, Founder and Chairman, ToJoy Holding Group

A Culture of


“We invested in people before we started to invest in businesses.”

– Mr. Junqing Lu in his book, Happy Companies are the Best Companies



ToJoy Selects Suitable Foreign Companies with Successful Business Models to Enter China

For many years, we believed that ensuring employee success increased employee happiness and ensuring employee happiness led to a better business. In this way, our corporate mission of prioritizing employee growth and satisfaction has been a core component of our business model. We believe that maximizing profit is only a means to an end, and that the ultimate goal is to maximize happiness and fulfillment for our employees, businesses, investors, and operating partners.

Founder Junqing Lu

Founder Junqing Lu’s book Happy Companies are the Best Companies has been considered one of the top 10 most influential management books in China, along with works by Steve Jobs and Ren Zhengfei. Since being published in 2012, Mr. Lu’s Happy Enterprise Theory has also been widely recognized in the industry and adopted by a number of organizations.




To accelerate business growth and create sustainable value for our partners


Spreading happiness throughout the world


Collaborative development and winning through alliances


To create the world’s largest franchise accelerator


Surpassing excellence, refusing mediocrity


Family-like care and iron-like discipline



Intrapreneurship Incubator
Launched in 2000, this program provides hands-on coaching for employees of ToJoy and of ToJoy portfolio companies who wish to become upper level managers. As of 2016, the program has successfully nurtured 4 board members, 4 CEOs, 53 general managers, 120 executive officer, and 118 departmental managers.
Life-Long Employee Program
Since 1995, ToJoy has granted Life-Long Employee status to staff with 3 years of continuous or 5 years of cumulative Outstanding Employment. As of 2016, 98 staff members have been awarded this honorary status.
6 Hours a Day, 4 Days a Week
ToJoy employees work for 6 hours a day & 4 days a week. Since the implementation of the program, measurements of employee productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction have dramatically increased.
Telecommuting System and Shared Offices
ToJoy employees may work via a shared cloud system from an array of flexible locations, such as their homes, hotels, and shared working spaces, in addition to their ToJoy offices and shared spaces. Managers also have the flexibility of creating unique work environments and check-in schedules that work best for their team. Employees who have consistently achieved their work targets in a set period of time only need to work in the office for one day per week.

5-Dimensional Performance Management System

ToJoy’s proprietary performance management system uses metrics such as Goal, Innovation, Team Contribution, Peer Evaluation, and Team Performance to evaluate employee’s productivity and achievement.
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